Cooling And Lubrication Of Titanium Strip Foil

When cold-rolling titanium alloy, the lubricants commonly used for sheet rolling are turbine oil, transformer oil, rolling oil, cottonseed oil, castor oil, and palm oil. The lubricants commonly used for strip rolling are turbine oil and transformer oil. 3. Rolling oil; Lubricants commonly used for foil rolling are No. 5 rolling oil and white oil.
Because the viscosity of the emulsion is low, it can only form an intermittent lubricating film between the roll and the material, and the roll and the material often maintain a partial contact state, and the lubrication effect is not good. In order to reduce energy consumption, emulsion can also be used in strip rolling, but the emulsion cannot be used in a twenty-roll mill, and rolling oil or white oil No. 5 can be used.