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Design and Selection Principles of Aluminum Profile Extrusion Tools

  The design and selection of aluminum extrusion tools should refer to the following principles
   Aluminum alloy profile extrusion tools generally include extrusion shafts, perforated needles, extrusion gaskets, extrusion dies, extrusion cylinders, in addition to die support, needle support and other components. The design of aluminum extrusion tools should not only be considered from the perspective of ensuring product quality, making its shape reasonable, but also when designing and selecting materials, it should also consider its service life, whether it is convenient to use and maintain, and try to improve aluminum materials. Production efficiency reduces the cost of aluminum products.
  Principle of material selection for aluminum extrusion tools
   1. Under the working temperature, it has sufficient high temperature strength and hardness, high tempering resistance and heat resistance.
   2. It has sufficient toughness, low thermal expansion coefficient and good thermal conductivity.
   3. In order to ensure the uniform mechanical properties of the entire section of the tool, it should have good hardenability and good high temperature oxidation resistance.
   4. Has good wear resistance and good thermal fatigue resistance, and has a good processing technology and low price.