How to calculate the CNC machining price

No matter what products or services they buy, customers are very concerned about prices, and making prototypes is no exception. The CNC prototype, as a relatively mainstream prototype, has done a lot in actual production. So when making CNC prototypes, how is its price calculated? I believe this is what many customers especially want to know before making prototypes. Let’s explain it to you by the extension model below.

So these CNC prototype model manufacturers are quoting based on those factors? In fact, the factors that these manufacturers will take into account when quoting are poor, but they are generally passed. The material and processing accuracy are required. The higher the accuracy, the higher the requirements for the equipment and operators of the board factory, so the price will be The corresponding increase. Secondly, the material is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, the price of metal materials is generally higher than that of plastic materials, so the cost will rise accordingly when making prototypes. Thirdly, the complexity of CNC prototype will also process the price.

The machining of aluminum alloy parts and hardware parts is generally carried out by CNC machining, but due to the low entry threshold of CNC machining, there are many small CNC machining workshops in the market, which also causes uncertainty in price and quality. , Today we will take a look at how to grasp the machining price of CNC machining center, so that you can find a guaranteed but inexpensive CNC machining factory for hardware parts

Finding a suitable CNC machining plant. Each manufacturer has its own advantages. Small plants are suitable for proofing, and large plants are suitable for large quantities. We need to find a suitable CNC machining plant according to our own needs, generally according to the length of product machining time. Calculations are also calculated on the basis of machine tools. For example, your product can be made with a lathe, but you have to find a machining center to do it. Smart wheelchair technology is definitely more expensive. The quotes in the industry are also very different, especially miscellaneous. , One report is higher than the other. If you want to find a guaranteed one, it’s best not to find a store, you should find a physical factory. As far as I know, the factory that specializes in external machining is also very expensive. The machining plants are cheap and the quality is guaranteed.

How to calculate the hardware parts machining price

  • 1. First look at your drawings and technical requirements
  • 2. There are differences in materials and labor in different places, and there are still large price differences in some places
  • 3. General parts are calculated based on material cost + machining cost + profit, and the machining cost depends on the process. Of course, the machining cost of using different machining equipment is different and some are calculated by working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.) , And some are calculated according to the process (such as how much is a folding knife, how much is a normal drilling, etc.)
  • 4. There is also the problem of quantity. Of course, large quantity is cheap. If it is a single piece, it will be miserable. Even if it is a small piece, the material is not retail, and the price of the whole board is counted! For example, you said 0.3, which is not commonly used by manufacturers. If you only have one or two pieces, if you only buy one board at a time (for example, 1220*2440), then you will spend the material cost wrongly.
  • 5. The problem of the machining plant If the parts machining plant can handle it by itself, of course there is no problem. If the machining plant itself has some processes to be outsourced, the price will increase accordingly. If you are already an outsourcing, it is tantamount to two outsourcing! Therefore, when looking for a machining plant, you must also find the right ones, find what they can do, and do what they are good at. Specific CNC machining price calculation: CNC lathe machining fee: The standard algorithm is working hours * wages per working hour + fixed expenses that should be apportioned, such as depreciation. General CNC machine tool machining costs are 40-50 yuan per hour. The machine is about 1 meter, ordinary Lijia machine. Where there are few machine tools, the price will increase slightly by more than 10 yuan. Of course, the cnc machining price will vary depending on the machining capacity of the machine. Dongguan PTJ Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on CNC machining for more than ten years, providing free aluminum alloy parts batch machining prices, hardware parts batch machining prices | CNC batch machining prices | robotic parts machining price consulting services