Use Of Industrial Aluminum Profiles

After the surface of industrial aluminum profiles is oxidized, the appearance is very beautiful and resistant to dirt. Once coated with oil stains, it is very easy to clean. When assembling into products, different specifications of profiles are used according to different loads, and matching aluminum profiles are used. It is more environmentally friendly, and it is easy to carry and move when it is installed and disassembled.

Compared with other metal materials, aluminum profiles have strong plasticity, good productivity, and have good advantages in production and production; aluminum profiles have good ductility, and can be used to make light alloys with many metal elements, high-quality materials; aluminum profiles With modularization and multi-function, it can quickly construct the ideal mechanical equipment coat.

The surface treatment performance is good, the appearance is bright and beautiful, no paint is required, the elastic coefficient is small, the collision and friction can not spark, the performance is the best in the automobile process, no metal pollution, no toxicity.

Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used, for example:

  1. Aluminum profiles for construction: architectural aluminum profiles mainly include door and window aluminum profiles and curtain wall aluminum profiles;
  2. Aluminum profile for radiator: mainly used for heat dissipation of various power electronic equipment, heat dissipation of LED lighting, and heat dissipation of computer digital products.
  3. Industrial aluminum profiles: General industrial aluminum profiles are mainly used for industrial production and manufacturing, such as automated machinery and equipment, the framework of the cover, and various companies customize mold opening according to their own mechanical equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belts, elevators , Dispensing machines, testing equipment, shelves, etc., electronic machinery industry and clean rooms, etc.
  4. Aluminum parts for auto parts: mainly used for auto parts and connectors.
  5. Furniture aluminum profile: mainly used for furniture decoration frame, table and chair support, etc.
  6. Solar photovoltaic profiles: including solar aluminum profile frames, solar photovoltaic brackets, solar photovoltaic tile fasteners, etc.
  7. Aluminum alloy profile for rail vehicle structure: mainly used for the manufacture of rail car body.
  8. Mounting aluminum profiles: made into aluminum alloy frames, mounting various exhibitions and decorative paintings.
  9. Medical equipment aluminum profile: mainly used in stretcher frame, medical equipment, medical bed, etc.