Wide Application Of 1215 Free-Cutting Steel

China began to produce sulfur-based free-cutting steels in the 1950s (100 are mainly low-carbon automatic machine tool processing steels). In 1975, the new standard GBl91-75 for free-cutting steels was reviewed. Since the 1970s, trial production of calcium and titanium free-cutting steel has begun. However, free-cutting steels containing lead, selenium or tellurium that require special protection in production to eliminate internal hazards have not been formally produced. Since 1977, China Rong has studied rare earth-containing free-cutting steel.
Mainly used for processing fasteners and standard copies of automatic cutting machine tools, such as studs, screws, nuts, pipe joints, spring seats, etc. a. Mechanical equipment: woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, paper machinery, glass machinery, food machinery, hundred construction machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery, jacks, hydraulic machines, etc. b. electrical product parts: motor shaft, fan shaft, sewing machine shaft Etc .; c. Furniture: especially export metal furniture, such as coffee tables, chairs, outdoor furniture; d. Metal appliances: garden tools, barbecue grills, screwdrivers, anti-theft locks, etc .; e. Hardware accessories: such as rails , Machine keys, nuts, screws, round nails, hexagonal nail channels, octagonal nails and various standard parts of different specifications, etc .; f. Spare parts for automobiles and motorcycles, etc.