Wooden Door Machining Has Become A New Hot Spot In Woodworking

The wooden door industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in China, and has become a new growth point in the wood machining industry. At the exhibition, wooden door processing equipment was also one of the most popular attractions.

1 Door leaf specifications and dimensions technology and equipment——

The door leaf blanks coming out of the press need to be passed through sizing and sizing equipment to reach the required length and width, and to meet the door leaf vertical angle and diagonal accuracy requirements.

Based on the “batch = 1” China CNC machining center of digital manufacturing, the sizing equipment launched by Homag (Figure 10) can instantly input the structure, size, shape, color, style and other information of the door leaf into the CNC by scanning the barcode The machining center performs automatic milling around door leaf slabs, and is especially suitable for customized processing and production with small batches, multiple specifications, and low output.

2 T-shaped wooden door edge banding machine——

T-shaped wooden door edge banding machine is the key equipment to ensure the quality of door leaf edge processing. The T-shaped edge banding machine (Figure 11) displayed at the exhibition is equipped with: feeding, marking, T-shaped tongue and groove milling, edge rounding, edge banding pressing, front and rear cutting of the edge banding, upper and lower edge trimming, polishing and Grooving and other work stations.

Marking device: Equipped with two grooving saws on the upper and lower surfaces of the door leaf to prevent chipping or tearing of the door leaf surface caused by subsequent milling; Milling device: 2 servo-controlled motors, equipped with two T-shaped tongue and groove processing mills with opposite rotation directions Knife to prevent end tearing; edge banding tape pressing: Since the thin wood edge banding strip needs to be bent at 90° twice, a scoring saw and grooves are configured at the bending part to prevent cracks or breaks during bending. . Front and rear cutting devices: used to cut off thin wood edge banding strips. Trimming: After the edge banding is glued, trim it up and down to ensure that the edge is as smooth as the surface of the workpiece.

3 Soft forming coating technology and equipment——

The soft forming coating technology and equipment for furniture door panels (Figure 12) is another highlight launched by Homag at this Ligna exhibition. Using a new heat-reactive adhesive developed by the German Henkel company that combines the advantages of both urea-formaldehyde glue and hot melt adhesive, Nordson’s quantitative coating technology is used to spray the adhesive on the back of the wood grain paper, and then directly Rolled onto the surface of a milled fibreboard or chipboard substrate.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that there is no formaldehyde release, the glue amount is only 20g/m2, the process is simple, and the production cost is low.