Affect The Basic Properties Of Titanium On Sinter

The basic performance of iron ore powder has an important influence on the output and quality of sintered ore and the improvement and optimization of sintered ore blending, and the basic performance is closely related to its chemical composition. Titanium is an important mineral powder resource. Perovskite and other materials are easily formed during the sintering process, which greatly affects the blast furnace forward and the quality of sintered ore. At present, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research on the basic properties of sinter, but there is no clear conclusion on the relationship between titanium and the basic properties of sinter.
Studied the effect of titanium on the basic properties of sintered ore through micro-sintering experiments. The research results show that the mass fraction of titanium in the mixed ore increases, and continuously reacts with CaO during the sintering process to produce high-melting perovskite and other substances. Its dense structure hinders the infiltration and consolidation between CaO and iron-containing minerals. Conducive to liquid phase formation; TiO2 reacts with CaO to reduce the CaO mass fraction, which is not conducive to the formation and reduction of high-strength minerals such as calcium ferrite, and reduces strength; the continuous crystal strength and assimilation temperature of mixed ore increase with the increase of titanium mass fraction However, the fluidity of the liquid phase and the strength of the bonding phase decrease with the increase of the titanium mass fraction. The increase of titanium mass fraction changes the sinter mineral phase structure, increases the amount of perovskite, reduces the formation of calcium ferrite, and is not conducive to the combination between the ore powder; the increase of titanium mass fraction in the ore powder is not conducive to improving the output of sinter ore and quality. In the actual production process, comprehensive utilization of ore resources to reduce the titanium mass fraction of mixed ore can improve blast furnace production.