Injection molded parts are prone to wave and flow marks, how to improve?

Application of UHMWPE

As UHMWPE has many excellent properties, it has shown great advantages in the high-performance fiber market, including from offshore oilfield mooring ropes to high-performance lightweight composite materials, and has shown great advantages in modern warfare and aviation, Aerospace, maritime defense equipment and other fields play a pivotal role.

1. UHMW machining can be used to create linings for trailers, silos, and chutes containing coal, lime, cement, mineral powder, salt, grains, etc., because it has excellent self-lubricating properties and does not The stickiness can prevent the above-mentioned powdered documents from sticking to storage and transportation facilities, ensuring a stable recommendation.

2. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is used for liquid sponsored pipelines such as quicksand. Compared with other pipelines, its outstanding performance is: compared with bamboo pipes, the life span is increased by 18 times, and the interest is reduced to 1/25, which is compared with nylon pipes. The number is increased by 3 times, and the interest is reduced to 1/8. At the time of sponsorship, the inner tube barrier is 25% smaller than that of non-metallic tubes, which greatly increases the frequency of sponsorship.

3. In the range of chutes, buckets and ore cabin linings, when traditional non-metal documents are used, when encountering cold and humid weather, the items will be thawed on the non-metal, while the use of polymer polyethylene sheets will never , Thereby greatly reducing the cost of unloading. After lining a layer of high molecular polyethylene sheet on the self-unloading leaks of bulk vehicles and ships, the uniform unloading time is reduced from the original 16-20h to 8h.

4. In terms of defense equipment, due to its good impact resistance and greater energy absorption, it can be made into protective clothing, helmets, and bulletproof materials in the military, such as armored protective panels for helicopters, tanks and ships, and radar Protective shell cover, missile cover, body armor, stab vest, shield, parachute, etc.

5. In aerospace engineering, due to its light weight, high strength and good impact resistance, it is suitable for various aircraft wingtip structures, spacecraft structures and buoy aircraft. At the same time, it can also be used as a deceleration parachute for the landing of a space shuttle and a rope for suspending heavy objects on the aircraft, replacing the traditional steel cable and synthetic fiber rope, and its development speed is extremely rapid.

6. In the civil field, the ropes, cables, sails and fishing gear made are suitable for marine engineering. The breaking length under its own weight is 8 times that of steel ropes and 2 times that of aramid. The rope is used for the fixed anchor ropes of supertankers, marine operating platforms, lighthouses, etc., and solves the rust and the corrosion, hydrolysis, and ultraviolet degradation of nylon and polyester ropes encountered in the past using steel ropes. , The problem of frequent replacement.

7. In industrial applications, it can be used as pressure container, conveyor belt, filter material, automobile buffer board, etc.; in construction, it can be used as wall, partition structure, etc., using it as a reinforced cement composite material can improve the toughness of cement , Improve its impact resistance. Because of its excellent wear resistance and impact resistance, it is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry to produce various gears, cams, impellers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, bushes, bushings, cutting shafts, gaskets, Mechanical components such as gaskets, elastic couplings, screws, etc.

8. Safety helmets, snowboards, windsurfing boards, fishing rods, rackets, bicycles, gliding boards, ultra-lightweight aircraft parts, etc. have been made into sports goods, and their performance is better than traditional materials.

9. In medicine, it is used in the fields of dental tray materials, medical implants and plastic sutures. It has good biocompatibility and durability, and has high stability without causing allergies. It has been used in clinical application. It is also used in medical gloves and other medical measures.