Partial Use Of Small Metals

Magnesium-Magnesium’s light weight characteristics determine that magnesium alloys are structural materials for the production of spacecraft, military aircraft, missiles, and high-mobility chariots.
Antimony–After adding antimony in different proportions to the metal, the hardness of the metal will increase and it can be used to make arms.
Cobalt-Cobalt can be used to make nuclear weapons, a theoretical atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb, installed in a cobalt shell, after the explosion can make cobalt into lethal radioactive dust.
Tungsten–Tungsten can be used to make nozzles for firearms and rocket thrusters.
Molybdenum—Molybdenum is resistant to high temperature ablation and can be used in the manufacture of artillery bores and rocket nozzles.
Titanium-Titanium alloy has good heat resistance, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness, so it is mostly used as aircraft engine parts and rocket missile structural parts. It can also manufacture automatic rifles, mortar seat plates and launch tubes for recoilless guns.
Manganese-high manganese steel manufacturing helmets, tank steel armor, warheads for armor-piercing projectiles, etc.
Vanadium–An armor-piercing projectile made of vanadium steel, capable of penetrating a 40 cm thick steel plate.
Germanium–Germanium is an infrared optical material, which is suitable for the production of materials for the thermal imager, infrared radar and other infrared optical devices in the military industry.
Rhenium–Rhenium is used as a high-temperature coating on rockets and missiles.
Tungsten-tantalum tungsten, tantalum tungsten hafnium, tantalum hafnium alloy is used as heat-resistant high-strength materials for rockets, missiles and jet engines, as well as parts for control and adjustment equipment.
Niobium-niobium tantalum and tungsten molybdenum vanadium nickel cobalt, etc. “heat-strength alloy”, can be used as supersonic jet aircraft and rocket missiles and other structural materials.
Zirconium–Zirconium is a component of armor steel, artillery steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. Zirconium powder can be used as detonator and smokeless powder.
Hafnium-The main purpose of hafnium is to make control rods for nuclear reactors. Hafnium powder can be used as a rocket propeller. Hafnium alloy can be used as a rocket nozzle.
Beryllium-Beryllium can be used as an aircraft and missile structural material due to its light weight, high elastic modulus and good thermal stability. It can also be used in the atomic industry.