The Difference Between CNC Stamping And Traditional Stamping

With the development of CNC stamping equipment, sheet metal blanking technology is developing in a diversified direction. The emergence of CNC punching and shearing composite machine tools is a new breakthrough in sheet metal technology. Flexible process. Through research and analysis of the characteristics of traditional technology and CNC punching and shearing composite machine tool technology, how to use equipment reasonably in sheet metal blanking technology and the development prospect of CNC punching and shearing composite machine tool in technology are proposed.

  1. Based on the traditional punching process
    (1) First blanking and then punching
    First use the shearing machine to cut the plate according to the shape of the part and then program the worker. The cut size of the plate is clamped by the clamp of the CNC punching machine. This process needs to be trimmed when cutting, and the verticality of the edge must be guaranteed. , Press the blanked sheet to the CNC punching machine.
    (2) Stamping sets
    On the whole plate, the rectangular die in the CNC punch press is used to separate each part by cutting, and at the same time, the micro connection should be reserved to prevent the part from falling off, ensuring the integrity of the plate is completed after one clamping. The gap between each two parts during cutting is the size of the rectangular mold. Because the entire board only has micro-connections to maintain the integrity of the board, the rigidity of the board becomes very low, and the accuracy of the parts is relatively reduced. It is very likely that the sheet will collide with the upper and lower turntables of the machine tool, causing coiling or pulling failure, which is extremely unsafe. Hidden danger, so high speed is not suitable when cutting parts.
  2. Technology based on CNC punching and shearing composite machine tool
    In the use of CNC punching and shearing composite machine tool, this part adopts the process of punching first and then shearing, which is completely different from the process of CNC punching machine. The whole plate is completed in the process programming and the blanking process is omitted, after the shearing sleeve Cut to save material.
    (1) After one clamping, the CNC punching machine is stamped with a die.
    (2) After one-time secondary positioning, turn into CNC right-angle shear working state, first trim the long side away from the clamp side, then cut all the parts away from the clamp with full shear.
    (3) The trimmed scraps and parts after being cut into two different bins through two sets of sorting belts, the sorting process and the cutting process are processed in parallel, and the right-angle cutting and cutting are completed while cutting.

Third, the advantages of CNC punching and shearing machine technology
(1) The material utilization rate is high, the process flow is simple and can be programmed in one time.
(2) A CNC punching and shearing composite machine tool can be completed, with a high degree of integration, few transportation links, and a low overall failure rate.
(3) High precision of workpiece, good cross-section quality, short labor intensity and short cycle.