Advantages Of Titanium And Titanium Alloy Coatings

Reduce the drilling time by 40% and extend the life of the drill by 80%. Use the coated ruler to extend the life by 2.5-4 times. Drill holes on the printed board through the drill with multiple coatings.
Pulsed vacuum arc discharge and ion flow at the same time composed of metal fusion atom bonding carbon layer. Titanium and titanium alloy diamond-like coatings are used to strengthen small tools, gauges, dies, dies, and press-fitting parts, and a composite method is used to form the coating.
Design index of titanium alloy diamond-like coating—coating thickness up to 2 microns.
Titanium alloy diamond-like coating composition and structure index-up to 50% high content titanium.
Reliability index of titanium alloy diamond-like coating-no peeling layer after 10000 grinding cycles.
Titanium alloy diamond-like coating extends tool life by 2-3.5 times.