Seize The Commanding Heights Of New Materials

Liquid metal is a new generation of subversive material that surpasses traditional light alloy varieties such as aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. It has strong applicability in any structural parts that require high strength, high rigidity, thin, complex, and bright shapes. From smartphone shells to armor-piercing projectiles, from transformer steel sheets to professional golf clubs, the application prospects of this new material are extremely broad.

In the field of liquid metals, compared with developed countries in Europe and America, China is no less inferior. At present, there are more than 70 scientific research institutes including the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a research and development team of nearly 1,000 people. The number of related patents has increased significantly. The international academic articles published have been the first in the world for 5 consecutive years. More importantly, China’s related industrialization development is arguably the best and fastest in the world. At present, nine domestic companies have established liquid metal R & D laboratories. Yi’an Technology, BYD and other companies already have large-scale manufacturing and commercial capabilities.

Faced with a low market awareness, Yian Technology, which has core patents in large-scale molding, has proposed to cooperate with powerful domestic raw material manufacturers and machinery equipment manufacturers to grant intellectual property rights and jointly expand this market. From the perspective of industrial development, only by forming a complete industrial chain from raw materials, mechanical equipment, processing to marketing and promotion, can we quickly open this blue ocean market.

In fact, the market heat of liquid metal has increased significantly in recent years, and many investment companies are paying close attention to the technical progress and application of liquid metal. Many industry experts also believe that as one of the super materials that will lead the future of high-tech competition, the development of liquid metals requires the establishment of cross-industry cross-R & D centers and joint research on core technologies. It is hoped that more enterprises and scientific research institutes will participate to strengthen technical cooperation and application promotion, making it an important entry point to lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry.