Titanium Rod Electrochemical Polishing

The electrochemical polishing of titanium rods is one of the processing methods for surface decoration of metal parts. It is to put the metal parts in the electrolyte (usually composed of a mixture of strong inorganic acids) as the anode, and use other metals as the cathode. Under the action of DC current, the surface of the metal parts dissolves to obtain a flat and bright surface.
The main applications of electrochemical polishing are as follows:
(1) Improve the surface quality of metal parts to compensate for the lack of machining and polishing;
(2) The surface decoration of metal parts is added with T_;
(3) Polished surface treatment layer (such as electroplated layer, etc.);
(4) Make the surface of the parts highly reflective;
(5) Trim the parts to the required size;
(6) Remove burrs, scratches and other molding marks of stamping parts;
(7) Preparation of metallographic test strips;
(8) Examine various defects on castings or machined parts. For example, the origin of slag, cracks, pores and intergranular corrosion of grains; cutting tools (for example, razor heads, small scalpels) in order to achieve the highest quality The purpose of sharpening.