Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum Gusset

Because the technical content requirements of aluminum gussets are not too high, there are thousands of merchants who make aluminum gusset ceilings on the market. In fact, for major brands, the quality gap of the gussets is not large. The key lies in whether the merchants are honest and whether the materials used match the price. But there are also many consumers who like to buy ceilings in small shops, thinking that they can save a lot of money, and count some methods to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum gussets:

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum gusset

A look at the thickness: the aluminum gusset is not as thick as possible. Generally speaking, the thickness of the gusset is 0.5mm-0.7mm, and the particularly thick one is 0.8mm or 1mm. Miscellaneous aluminum buckle plates mostly use recycled aluminum with more impurities. In order to achieve a certain strength, they can only be thick. Xiaotong Household Editor learned that when choosing an aluminum buckle plate, take a piece of magnetite. If the buckle plate can be sucked up, it means that the impurities ( Iron) (the aluminum gusset material is generally composed of aluminum magnesium manganese), this kind of gusset is easy to rust even if it is thick, do not buy it.

Second, look at the toughness: use the fan of the gusset plate, you can also put the two corners of the gusset plate on the support, and test the weight in the middle. If the toughness is not good, the gusset plate will slosh or deform very badly. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the thickness of the gusset plate is uniform.

Three look at the process: most of the common surface processes on the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate on the market are film coating and roller coating, and there are also carving (art board) and anodizing (oxidation board). In general, it is better to choose the buckle plate of the roll coating process, which has obvious advantages such as anti-oil, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, no discoloration and no foam, and high cost performance. The film-coated board is a layer of PUC film with glue. (Formaldehyde-containing) The second color changes quickly (it will change color after two hours of exposure in the sun). At the same time, we must pay attention to the treatment process on the back. The double-sided painted aluminum plate will not be oxidized, because the moisture of the bathroom is likely to remain on the back of the plate, and the rust will spread from the reverse side to the front side, and the surface will appear rust spots, so the paint on the back of the plate determines the beauty of the plate surface.

Four look at the appearance: As for the benevolence, it is not easy to judge here. But from an aesthetic point of view, try not to choose a flat shiny aluminum buckle. It is better to choose a matte aluminum buckle with a dot shape. Because the flat shiny aluminum buckle is installed on a large area, it will be very clear as long as there is a little unevenness. , Very unsightly.

Five look at auxiliary materials: the main keel must be thick, this is the more important part of the entire suspended ceiling, which is equivalent to the human skeleton, the thicker the better! Attaching the keel depends on the clamping force, because the aluminum gusset is clamped by the keel. A good attachment keel is double bayonet, which can more firmly fix the aluminum gusset and electrical appliances, and the price is higher than the single bayonet. Another point is that light steel keels must be used. Traditional wooden keels are prone to shrink or expand and cause cracks in the ceiling. There are also problems with fire houses, termites, and mildew after moisture. The editor understands that the choice of the edge strip is relatively simple, which is basically aluminum alloy. When choosing, it mainly depends on the thickness of the edge strip material and the surface treatment process. The thin strips of material can obviously feel soft when held in the hand. The surface treatment process has some cheap side strips with a layer of film. Some of the better surface will be oxidized, and the better side strips will not only be oxidized, but will also be shaped, with more color choices and higher prices.

Six look at electrical appliances: The electrical appliances in the integrated ceiling industry, like the automotive industry, mainly rely on assembly. No integrated ceiling company has the ability to produce all accessories by itself. Generally speaking, all ceiling merchants will have packages, including lighting, bathroom heaters, heaters, coolers and other electrical appliances, but the electrical appliances of integrated ceiling merchants generally cooperate with professional electrical appliance manufacturers. At this time, you can ask which If the electrical appliance manufacturer cooperates, is there any relevant certification documents? In addition, the warranty of electrical appliances is also a very important issue. Better merchants can even provide lifetime warranty services.