Environment Inconel625

In many fields of civil industry, the component materials in service are in a corrosive environment with high temperature. In order to meet the needs of the market, the series Inconel625 is classified according to the usage environment of the materials.

  1. Inconel625 master alloy series
  2. Corrosion-resistant Inconel625 plates, rods, wires, belts, pipes and forgings
  3. High-strength, corrosion-resistant Inconel625 bar, spring wire, welding wire, plate, strip, forging
  4. Glass corrosion-resistant products
  5. Environmentally resistant, hard surface wear-resistant Inconel625 series
  6. Special precision casting parts (blade, turbocharger, turbine rotor, guide, instrument joint)
  7. Centrifuge, high-temperature shaft and accessories for glass wool production 8. Cobalt-based alloy heat-resistant pads and slide rails for billet heating furnace
  8. Valve seat ring
  9. Cast “U” shaped resistance band
  10. Centrifugal casting tube series
  11. Nano-material series products
  12. Lightweight and high temperature structural materials
  13. Functional materials (expansion alloy, high temperature and high elasticity alloy, constant elasticity alloy series)
  14. Biomedical materials series products
  15. Target products for electronic engineering
  16. Power plant nozzle series products
  17. Stellite alloy wear-resistant sheet
  18. Ultra-high temperature anti-oxidation corrosion furnace roller and radiant tube.