Three ODS Alloys Produced Commercially

The use temperature of MA956 alloy can reach 1350 ℃ in an oxidizing atmosphere, ranking first in Inconel625’s resistance to oxidation, carbon and sulfur. It can be used for the lining of aeroengine combustion chamber.
The MA754 alloy can be used in an oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature of up to 1250 ° C and maintains a relatively high high-temperature strength and is resistant to medium-alkali glass corrosion. Now it has been used to make aero-engine guide wheel and guide blades.
The MA6000 alloy has a tensile strength of 222 MPa and a yield strength of 192 MPa at 1100 ° C. The endurance strength at 1100 ° C and 1000 hours is 127 MPa, ranking first in Inconel 625 and can be used for aeroengine blades.
Intermetallic high-temperature materials
Intermetallic compound high-temperature materials are a class of light-weighted high-temperature materials with important application prospects recently researched and developed. For more than ten years, basic research on intermetallic compounds, alloy design, process development and application research have matured, especially in the preparation and processing technology, toughening and strengthening of Ti-Al, Ni-Al and Fe-Al materials , Mechanical properties and applied research have made remarkable achievements.
Ti3Al-based alloy (TAC-1), TiAl-based alloy (TAC-2) and Ti2AlNb-based alloy have low density (3.8 ~ 5.8g / cm3), high temperature and high strength, high rigidity and excellent oxidation resistance, creep resistance Advantages, can reduce the weight of structural parts by 35 to 50%. Ni3Al-based alloy, MX-246 has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and cavitation resistance, showing excellent application prospects. Fe3Al-based alloy has good resistance to oxidation and abrasion, has high strength at medium temperature (less than 600 ℃) and low cost. It is a new material that can partially replace stainless steel.