Titanium’s Own Dyeing Principle And Function

In addition to the excellent performance of acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, pure titanium metal also has the characteristics of light weight and high strength (same as steel). If people want to choose a variety of colors on the surface of titanium products to decorate, in addition to white, black, red, a variety of gradient colors can be achieved. These colors are not painted on the surface, but are made by applying the so-called titanium anodizing method, which is what we often call anodizing. Therefore, pure titanium metal products made with anode coloring will absolutely not corrode.
The principle of anode color development is to form a very thin (colorless and transparent) oxide film on the surface of titanium products (such as titanium plates and titanium rods) by anodization. The principle of light refraction is used to make the human eye see the refracted various colors. The thickness of the oxide film is different, the color seen by the human eye is different. The thinnest oxide film starts from 0.01μm and thickens with 0.01μm as the increment unit, the thickest can reach 0.15μm, so the color of pure titanium metal products can be expressed very rich and gorgeous, titanium metal material is a dreamy metal material .