Causes Of Uneven Aluminum Oxide Film

Everyone should know that the surface of the aluminum alloy coil has an oxide film, which can protect the aluminum alloy coil, but sometimes we will find that the oxide film will have uneven color. So what’s going on? The following alloy aluminum coil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum will introduce the causes and prevention of the unevenness of the oxide film of the alloy aluminum coil.

  1. Problem: The working area of the swing in the slot is too large, and then the color generated in the oxide film is inconsistent.

Preventive measures: The oxidized workpiece has a small swing and can be disposed of quietly, but when the temperature of the solution is too low, map-like spots are likely to appear, which is unnatural.

  1. Problem: When the damaged part of the processing layer of the aluminum alloy coil is cut, the outer layer is dressed with high-quality aluminum alloy, and the inner layer is heteroaluminum. Due to the large difference, it will produce “vitiligo” -like spots after oxidation.

Preventive measures: strict control of materials to reduce or remove miscellaneous aluminum.

  1. Problems: The process operation is incomplete in the alkaline etching treatment of the workpiece. The original partial oxide film and dirt cannot be removed; the alkaline etching is processed immediately after treatment, and the surface is still alkaline; the workpiece in the transfer process contacts the foreign body.